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SIP Channels

Cores of CPU


Efficient Infrastructure

Infrastructure includes more than 10000 Cores CPU, 10TB RAM. The storage infrastructure comprises more than 900TB of storage: desktop virtualization and server management. Geographically sound, redundant, quick, and efficient, increasing your backup by 60%. F5 load balancing solutions ensure scaling your critical applications, scaling up or down your storage capacity as and when required.

Secure Enterprise Connectivity

Connectivity to the highly secured infrastructure using multiple telco vendors. Improved operational efficiencies, Reduced communication-related delays and enhanced collaboration. High levels of availability (HA) as well as flexibility and scalability for core business tasks. Improved clustering scenarios with remote locations.

Data center Networking

End-to-End DC network infrastructure encompassing server switching, storage switching, and DC Interconnect Solutions. 10G/40G core switching offering a high-speed spine and leaf network. We can help you implement a flexible, agile architecture explicitly designed to meet your unique needs. Next-general data centers and enable your journey to the cloud.

Up to 1600 SIP Channels

15 Cisco Unified Border Elements with 1600 SIP channels spanned across multiple DC locations with DUAL Exchange Homing. Improved operational efficiencies, Reduced communication-related delays, and enhanced collaboration. Ensure a completely secure network by technologies such as NAC(Network Access Control) using ISE, SourceFire, Cisco / Palo Alto / Checkpoint / Fortinet Firewall, DDOS Protection.

Multiple Data Center Locations

Seven to be precise, including Solarix, Auckland, Airtrunk SYD/ME, and GovDC.End-to-End DC network infrastructure encompassing server switching. Server consolidation and virtualization, high availability & clustering.

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