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CDR As A Service

CDR As A Service

Where every call counts

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A call detail record (CDR) provides information about calls made over phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses exact answers about where, when, and how markets are made for reporting and billing purposes. Get the insight you need into key call quality metrics, including network jitter, packet loss, and latency. Sort and filter CDRs based on-call status, call time, termination reason, phone IP, phone number, and more.

BGUS CDR-As-A-Service

BG Unified Solutions' CDR As A Service extensively covers every aspect and parameter of call detail records. We bring you a comprehensive and thorough call data records that are customizable according to your needs, lets you filter logs and data as per your requirements.

Call Time

Call Status

Phone IP

Termination Reason

Featured QoS

Customized Reports

CDR: Diversified Applications

Call Detail Records does not cater to a single domain. In the present-day scenario, where technology and telephony prove to be the backbone of every industry, the importance of CDRs has grown exponentially.

Call detail records serve a valuable purpose of revenue generation for telephone service providers and are critical for law enforcement, whenever required. CDR is also used for VOIP and is a file containing all usage details such as the source of origin and destination point of the call, usage period of the IP, and the total amount charged during the billing period.

  • Call Metadata
  • Analyze calling patterns
  • Billable communications transmission
  • Identify calling trends

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A CDR for a phone number gives you more of a bird's eye view!!

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