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DNS As A Service

DNS As A Service

For a stronger Web Identity

Hosting with Freedom Built-In

Delivering a scalable, reliable, and managed authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) As A Service. With our assured low latency and high availability, it is a cost-effective way to make your applications and services available to your users.

The main functionality of DNS is to convert domain names into IP addresses for the web browsers to identify a website for them to load the required resources. Domain Name System Service allows you to host the website over the web and maintain and monitor it in real-time.

Standard DNS (BlackBox)

  • Includes 5 Zones
  • Low Latency
  • High Availability
  • BlackBox Service
  • Cost-Effective

Premium DNS (BlackBox)

  • Includes 5 Zones
  • Low Latency
  • High Availability
  • BlackBox Service
  • Cost-Effective

Mark your Presence over the Web

BG Unified Solutions gives you the power to quickly deploy, efficiently monitor, and transparently scale the applications that your business requires to run and interact with customers and partners—while also mitigating the risk of security breaches.

Scalable Solutions

Low Latency


High Asset Utilization

Security Ensured

Total Interoperibility

Why BG Unified Solutions?

BG Solutions has gained an excellent reputation in designing and implementing IP technology and significant experience in DNS services design and performance for several clients and distributed environments and locations. BG Unified Solutions provides national and international IT Services to some of Australia's leading companies, who use Information Technology to improve their business results.


Get Started Now

Try our Concurrent DNS Service with superior IP Technology.

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