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BG Software Solutions India Private Limited - Our New Subsidiary

BG Unified Solutions Update - Today is when we are announcing BG Unified Solutions' other subsidiary - BG Software Solutions India Private Limited.

What does this mean from BG Unified Solutions Services Portfolio?

We are going to have hardcore programmers on board with skills from C++, PHP, ASP.NET, .NET, C#, CSHARP, JS, JQUERY, and more, who will build all of the software that BG Unified Solutions require including #SOCaaS, #CDRaaS, #LoggingaaS, #SYSLOG and more. We will write our own APIs to work with Telcos. A vision to take this company to the next level where we will not only work towards having highly secured infrastructure/solutions for Government Agencies in Australia but not limited to the Australian Government.

What's afterward - We will get two teams to work together to build our own WAF, SSL Orchestrator, and Load Balancing products. We will apply for trademarks and patents when and if required.

We have a few clients already on board and interviews are being conducted while you are reading this update. Exciting times ahead.

BG Unified Solutions India Private Ltd is applying for ISP licenses while we are laying down the foundation of BG Software Solutions India Private Ltd.

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