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DR As A Service

DR As A Service

Tackle stagnancy better

Geo Locations

  • Includes One Yearly Drill

Geo Locations

  • Includes One Yearly Drill

Always stay aware and prepared.

Disaster Recovery Management as a Service is preparing your organization for a failure or situation that you cannot predict. The circumstances may be a catastrophic failure, a natural calamity, data loss, server not functioning correctly, data centers compromised, and so on. We predict the most unlikely events that may cause data loss, data breach, and hinder an organization’s functioning, finding and installing solutions.

Assist in DR strategy, evaluate threat models and much more...

Multisite or Multi-Cloud


Regular Monitoring

Quality Ensured



Low Redundant Time

Why BG Unified Solutions?

Simplified Deployment

An additional redundancy option is possible by implementing a CUBE at the client site so that in the event of any catastrophic failure in our data center, SRST will still provide basic inbound and outbound calling facilities.

Non - Disruptive Testing

We’ve got it covered under all circumstances, whether natural calamities, forecasted events, confound events. The time taken to restore normal conditions becomes significantly less, thanks to our team of experts, who take precautionary measures from the starting.

Flexible Solutions

In-place upgrades reduce downtime and maximize operational efficiencies. And you can customize how you intercept, inspect, transform, and direct inbound or outbound application traffic with powerful, flexible Rules.

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Recognizes, isolates notifies and corrects faults encountered in the network

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Backup As A Service
BG Unified Solutions provides reliable, secure & cost-effective managed service for backup and recovery of all types of data....

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