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GPU As A Service

GPU As A Service

Powerful Yet Simple

Harness the power of GPU

You get direct access to one of the most flexible server-selection processes in the industry and seamless integration. GPU delivers extreme performance and industry-leading hybrid cloud data management capabilities. To provide customer enablement (if required), we can provide tools to detect GPUs and make them available automatically. To maximize this powerful resource's utilization, IT administrators can configure, scale, and allow fine-grained access control of GPU resources to end-users.

BGUS GPU-As-A-Service

With GPUaaS, you also get access to our AI expertise, extensive training, and technical capabilities that can jump-start your projects. Our dedicated team can assist with prescriptive guidance and design expertise. Our technical team ensures your AI applications are fully supported.

Rapid Workspeed

High Availability

Varied Usage


Hybrid Management

Maximum Utilization

GPU: Diversified Applications

Graphical Processing Unit does not cater to a single domain. In the present-day scenario, where technology proves to be the backbone of every industry, the importance of GPUs has grown exponentially.

From refining and mining data to analyzing it. From Scientific Researches to Health Sector. From finance to educational institutions. Graphical Processing Unit has become an essential resource for every industry.,

  • Healthcare Services
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Scientific Research Operations
  • Deep Learning and Machine Learning

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Maximized Utilization, a highly scalable, powerful resource for high-end workloads!!

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