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Storage As A Service

Storage As A Service

Storage Made Simple.

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Our storage infrastructure includes more than 900TB of Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 Storage

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The Storage Challenge

Today’s dynamic data center’s present some unique storage challenges. How do you best manage explosive storage capacity requirements and multiple storage silos—as well as consolidation into internal clouds to provide storage as a service? Add complex backup and recovery plans, and their integration into your disaster recovery plans and storage becomes even more complicated. And while there are commonalities that allow for pre-packaged solutions, every data center is different.

Each one requires knowledgeable professionals to help define the correct solution, often across multiple manufacturers, to combine and collaborate to create the optimal solution for your organization.

STaaS for your Business

Secure, scalable, cost-effective, platform adaptive storage options customized as per your needs.

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Rapid Elasticity

Ubiquitous Access

High Asset Utilization

Dynamic Resources

Total Interoperibility

Multi-protocol Storage

Meeting your Storage needs at Affordable Prices.

Our staff are trained and experienced across top storage manufacturer offerings, enabling us to design complex, multi-vendor solutions. We’ll show you how to tame explosive storage capacity growth and put management products in place to support your specific virtualized computing and storage environments. From assessments to design, architecture, and implementation, we can help you transform your legacy application environments to “cloud-based” data centres.

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