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Load Balancer As A Service

Load Balancer As A Service

Simplified Load Balancing

Load Balancing Solutions for your Application Servers

Load balancing is the most scalable methodology for handling many requests from modern multi-application, multi-device workflows. When traffic runs at normal levels, global (geographic) load balancers direct traffic to dedicated optimized application servers, rapidly redirect traffic from a data center suffering from an outage to an available server.

F5 Load Balancing
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Manage your Traffic with Our Load Balancers

BG Unified Solutions provide F5 topology for your Load Balancing needs to manage traffic asserted on your servers and applications.

High Availability

Flexibility Assured

Multiple Features

Personalized Support

Designed for Uptime

Scalability Guaranteed

Easy Deployment

High traffic sites need resources to serve large amounts of unique visitors quickly and efficiently. To scale to meet those needs, several web servers, commonly known as a farm, need to be implemented and route traffic across them in a balanced way.

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Load Balancing is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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