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Smart Number Billing As A Service

Smart Number Billing As A Service

Communicating Effectively

Smart Business Solutions

If you plan to promote your business using the 1300 numbers, you should consider the range of smart numbers with high impact numeric patterns. And apart from being able to use the number to promote your business in various ways, it becomes your business asset that can be on-sold or traded. Promoting your business by just being displayed, Smart Numbers have also proven to be more memorable. And that means more calls leading to more business.

BGUS SNB-As-A-Service

BGUS offers you a complete package for your business. Get your Smart Numbers hosted by our telco vendors; we’ll provide you with the full billing logs and statistics. We ensure to be a completely trustworthy partner for your inbound calls. Give your business a boost with BGUS Smart Number Billing.

Secure Hosting





Maximum Utilization

SNB: Seamless Inbound Service

Being unique to your business, Smart Numbers make it much easier for customers to remember your number and more accessible for them to reach you. Research shows they are a very successful marketing tool for creating more sales leads phone calls to your business.

Smart Numbers aren’t limited to your local area, so your business can reach all of Australia. Whether you’re ready to expand now…or down the track, a Smart Number gives your business more options. BGUS provide diversified solutions for smart number integration for your business.

  • Buy New Smart Numbers
  • Host Existing Smart Numbers
  • Get a Smart Number Billing Service
  • Reports and complete billing logs.

Get Started Now

Get ready to enjoy more new business calls, thus expanding your business exponentially!

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